The range of Delta Q capsules includes coffee and herbal teas.

Only available in countries with direct operation or distributors.

The Delta Q design is a closed system, which means only Delta Q capsules can be used in Delta Q machines.

Yes, for this you must create your account on our site.

To register on the website, select the “Create an account” option in the “MY DELTA Q” section in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Complete each field with your details, and lastly click on “Create”.

To place an order, you have to log in on the upper right-hand corner of the screen, enter your email and password and click on “OK”. After accessing your account, select the “Capsules”, “Machines” or “Accessories” option from the column on the left. To select the products you want, click on the Add option. Once the products have been selected, click on “See Cart”, which will take you to the next screen where you will be able to see your chosen products and also edit the quantity desired. After checking that your order is correct, select “Confirm my purchase”, where you will be able to check your customer details, such as the delivery address. After confirmation, click on “Confirm” to access the order options screen, where you will be able to confirm the total order amount. You will have to accept the supply conditions and click on “Continue”, which will take you to the next screen, where you will have to confirm that your order is correct and click on “Confirm”. On the next screen you will have the option to create a PayPal account if you don’t have one, or choose a payment option using your existing PayPal account. After submitting payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

For any order submitted and paid before noon, your products will be shipped the same day and will arrive the following day before 1pm or early in the afternoon in some rural areas.

Any promotion, new product release or offer will be updated on our website.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange or return them within 15 days of the date of receipt. If any part of the product is missing or if it is not in excellent condition when returned, no refund will be made and the product will be returned to you. Contact us free of charge by calling our customer service line 00 800 20 50 20 50 Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm, or get in touch using our contact form.

To register your Delta Q machine, you will have to be registered on the website. If you need help creating your account, go to the question: “How do I register as a Customer?” To register your machine, follow these steps: 1. From the upper menu on your screen, select the “My Delta Q” option, log in and click on “Register my machine”. 2. Enter your machine’s serial number in the “Machine serial number” field: you will have to enter the number that appears on the label with the designation S/N; NS; TAG (located underneath the machine) or TAG NUMBER (located at the rear of the machine). If the serial number has 10 digits, your machine will be automatically identified; if the serial number has 6 digits, after entering the number you will have to select the model and colour of your machine. 3. In field 2 you will have to enter the date you purchased the machine and attach the invoice. For more information, call our freephone Customer Service line 00 800 20 50 20 50 Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm, or get in touch using our contact form.

The machine must be descaled every 400-500 uses.